Prosthodontist-Customized Surgical Guides

Our experienced prosthodontists work on creating surgical guides, customized for each patient and case. These guides help a dentist perform dental implant surgeries with absolute precision and control.

Pilot Starter Drill Surgical Guide

We believe that every single tooth implant surgery should be at least performed with a Pilot starter surgical guide. All implant clinicians agree that the very first drill in the implant placement process is the most important in setting the final position of the dental implant. If the first drill is not in the ideal spot, the clinician will have to work much harder to correct the osteotomy site. However, if the first osteotomy drill is guided, it will result in the perfect first osteotomy site. This first drill position can then be easily followed by the clinician to result in a perfect implant position.

Guide Fabrication Fee $200

Fully Guided Surgical Guide

When placing multiple implants for a bridge, it is crucial that the implants are parallel to each other. Our fully guided surgical guide allows for a precise placement of multiple implants. The fully guided surgical guide is also useful in placement of implants in areas where vital structures such as roots are to be avoided. In maxillary anterior teeth where the buccolingual inclination of implants is critical, we plan fully guided surgical guides to drive implants in exact angulations with respect to the adjacent teeth. Fully guided surgical guides are particularly useful in fully edentulous patients where we try to maximize A-P spread and avoid undue cantilevering forces.

Guide Fabrication Fee $350

Bone Reduction Guides

Some implant cases require a very precise bone reduction to allow for the final prosthetic space. Based on CT scan measurements, we fabricate bone reduction guides that aid the implant surgeon in quick and predictable bone reduction before implant placement.

Guide Fabrication Fee $350