Streamline Your Dental Implant Practice

Implant Genius is the world’s first implant planning company where board certified prosthodontists plan successful dental implant procedures. Even the best dental implants can fail without proper planning and a thoroughly-customized surgical guide. This is where Implant Genius comes in.

Not a dentist? Find out why implant planning is important for patients.

Our goal at Implant Genius is to:

  1. Help dentists save time
  2. Help dentists lower costs
  3. Reduce the chance of failed dental implant surgeries

We believe that only those who have clinical experience in implant placement should be guiding dentists. As such, we are uniquely positioned to provide the best implant planning service to grow your implant practice.

Implant Planning Services

At Implant Genius, we use our decades of experience and the world’s most updated technology to plan perfect dental implants.

For our clients performing dental implants in Vancouver, we offer dental CT scans, CBCT and implant planning services all under one roof. Why send patients to an imaging centre and then send the patient impressions to a laboratory to be poured up?

We will see your patient, take an appropriate CT scan and take the PVS impressions.

Save Time And Money

Our team of board certified specialists help dentists save precious time and lower costs by doing all of the planning an implant surgery needs. This includes:

  • Collecting vital information
  • Conducting all analysis and research
  • Putting together a plan that can make perfect screw-retained restoration possible.

Implant Genius is the only implant planning service in Vancouver where the entire process is planned in-house. We streamline the implant planning process, making the placement faster and more predictable.

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