STEP 1: Collect Records

Complete our Implant Genius prescription form. Upon completion, upload the form with your case, or include the form when mailing in your case.

Digital Patient Records:

  • Full Arch CBCT Scan
  • Upper and Lower Intraoral Impressions and Bite Registration
  • Patient Photos
  • 3D Scan (Optional)

STEP 2: Submit a Case

Submit intraoral scans, CT scans, and other digital documents securely online. If you do not have digital files, you may send us your records through your preferred courier service.

STEP 3: Plan Approval

Our board certified prosthodontist will plan your case for you and send you an implant planning report, a video outlining the treatment, and a letter describing the plan. Approve the plan in a timely manner to avoid delays in implant placement.

STEP 4: Receive Order

Your office will receive the surgical guides and supporting materials via courier.

Genius Boxes

The Genius Box is our all-in-one solution for planning and execution of dental implants. Our proprietary process increases placement success and decreases surgery time for a superior end result.

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