Implant Planning & Guide Fabrication

Our planning and fabrication services are designed to take your implant procedure from records to reality, led by our experienced specialty team.

Implant Planning

A misplaced dental implant can cause countless issues. Our leading-edge implant planning services are proven to increase success, as well as to reduce healing time with ideal emergence and occlusion.

Each case includes a comprehensive planning report, a video outlining implant type, measurements, and findings, as well as a letter from our Prosthodontists including prosthodontic and surgical considerations.

Guide Fabrication

While single implant placement may look simple, some of the biggest errors we see in implant placement come in the restoration of a single missing tooth. The ideal placement of a single implant through CT-based surgical guides prevent cantilevering of the final crown and food entrapment. Proper planning allows the dentist to plan for an all-on-four restoration to avoid cement entrapment below the gum line.

Bone Reduction Guide

Bone reduction is a highly exact procedure that can eliminate pain and restore functionality when done well. Whether as part of a dental implant procedure or as part of another surgical treatment, we are happy to create a bone reduction plan for optimal outcomes.

Pin Guide Fabrication

Pin insertion is key to a successful implant process. Our expert fabrication facility provides a pin guide that exactly aligns with the implant plan and delivers a less invasive pin placement procedure.


In the case of facial trauma or more severe reconstructive procedures, our expert team uses technology to analyze the records and and create surgical guides to help restore functionality and symmetry to the facial structures.


Implant genius is an excellent alternative to a traditional referral as it allows the primary provider to manage all aspects of patient care; however, we understand that clinic facilities and timelines can vary greatly. We are currently accepting patient referrals from all clinic types for the following:


    • Full Arch CT Scan
    • Patient Models
    • Patient Photos

Dentate Planning

    • Surgical Guide
    • Implants
    • Healing Abutment
    • Provisional Restoration
    • Guided Surgical Kit

Edentulous Planning

    • Surgical Guide
    • Implant
    • Healing Abutment
    • Provisional Prosthesis
    • Multi-unit Abutment
    • Guided Surgical Kit

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