Our Dental CT Scans, CBCT performed in-house to save you time and money.

For our clients performing dental implants in Vancouver, we offer dental CT scans, CBCT and implant planning services all under one roof. Why send patients to an imaging centre and then send the patient impressions to a laboratory to be poured up? We will see the patient and take an appropriate CT scan and take PVS impressions. More importantly, we measure the patient’s mouth opening to make sure there is no difficulty in drilling for the implant placement due to a small mouth opening. We examine the soft tissue in the implant site to make sure the patient has adequate keratinized gingiva for implant placement. We will also take any necessary photos to perform a smile analysis of the patient.

For example, in anterior implant placement, we will determine tooth proportions, extent of gingival display, lip dynamics, overbite and overjet before recommending an implant position for your patient. We also offer the services of making a transitional denture or radiographic guide for your patient. We are Vancouver’s only one-stop implant planning centre!

The patient’s CT scan is interpreted by a board certified oral radiologist and the report is included in our implant planning

CT Scan fee: $300
Fabrication of a radiographic guide: $300
Fabrication of bone reduction guide: $200
Fabrication of a complete provisional denture: $2000