Working as a specialist consultant to your clinic, you and your patients will have the benefit of world-class laboratory facilities and some of the leading minds in prosthodontics working on your dental implant cases.

Implant Genius is the world’s first implant planning and consultation company in which board-certified prosthodontists oversee every step of the implant rehabilitation process.

Our team truly cares about each patient and dental clinic we work with, and we will always offer the highest level of quality and service.

No matter what implant type you place, trust our board-certified specialists to consult with you to devise the most ideal treatment plan for your patients.

"Our goal is to empower you to place and/or restore dental implants in the most accurate way possible. We aim to increase patient safety, reduce surgical time, and avoid costly mistakes or re-dos. We plan implant placement, taking into consideration aesthetics, tissue health, occlusion, and long-term function."

— Dr. Amindazeh, Founder

We are proud to offer the latest in technology, both in our dental practice as well as in our clinic, lab, and fabrication environments.

Our Implant Genius laboratory has built a reputation for fabricating appropriately contoured custom abutments that respect human biology.  Delivering highly esthetic and functional final restorations through biomimetic principles.

Our laboratory facility is outfitted with cutting edge equipment that make the planning and fabrication process one of the most effective and exact in the world and allow us to offer accelerated production schedules. We also offer imaging services at our sister clinic for patients in the Vancouver area.

Our unique business model allows us to work with clinics world-wide, using digital and virtual systems to ensure superior results and efficient procedures regardless of location.

Our Process

Our streamlined process is designed to ensure all dentists and dental surgeons can elevate their practice with access to board-certified expertise and products designed to ensure optimal hard and soft tissue augmentation as well as implant creation and placement.

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