Our process allows for online submission of records, which will then be used to plan your case. Physical records can be submitted via courier, and our clinic is also available for record-taking appointments. See our full process.

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Our highly trained team and board-certified prosthodontist will carefully review your patient’s records and provide a detailed implant planning report, as well as a video and letter with additional details for your approval.

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Your Implant Genius shipment will include all materials required to execute the outlined implant plan. If your clinic includes 3D printing equipment, you may also opt to receive STL files. We are proud to offer quick and reliable timelines.

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Find answers to our most commonly asked questions here.

All you have to do is send your dentist a friendly email asking him to know more about us — send email to your dentist.

Implant planning for dental implants cost $150 for 1-3 implants and $300 for 4 or more implants. Implant planning services costs are borne by the dentists or dental surgeons using these services.

Our surgical guides are specially prepared for each case and a dentist can use any one or more of three types.

Our surgical guide costs:

  • Pilot Drill Surgical Guides are $150
  • Fully Guided Surgical Guides are $350
  • Bone reduction Surgical Guides are $350

You can request a referral slip or fill out our online referral slip. You can contact our office at 604 558 3369 or by email for instructions on uploading your files to us securely.

Implant Genius works towards providing the planning and surgical guides within seven working days of receiving a proper impression and CT scan.

We minimize our costs through in-house production of guides through 3D printing. We believe that implant planning is a service to our patients and dentists that should be made available at affordable costs.

Yes, we only use surgical guides that are approved by FDA and Health Canada.

Yes, we are based in Vancouver, British Columbia and provide our service to all general dentists, dental surgeons and periodontists across Canada.

We have an in-house imaging centre and a dental laboratory equipped with the latest digital technology at our base centre in Vancouver. Any dentist can refer patients to our imaging centre for better records and CT scans.

Implant Genius works towards making implant planning an affordable procedure for everyone, dentists and patients alike. Patients do not have to bear any charges for our services.

We are not a membership service, the dentist only pays on a case-to-case basis.

We have board-certified specialists such as prosthodontists, oral surgeons and periodontists as faculty.

A one-hour presentation at each session by a specialist
Mentorship by specialists
We utilize a surgical guide to place our implants
We treatment plan every case using multi-disciplinary protocols before the surgery is performed
We teach proper proper prosthetic restoration of the implants that you have placed

Yes. You need to look for your own patients. However, throughout the year, if patients become available through our referral sources that need implants, we may ask you to treatment plan them and place implants for them.

We accept one to two dental implant cases. The degree of difficulty of the case is dependent on what we deem is your skill level.

Each doctor is guaranteed to do two surgeries. However, if there are openings and no one claims them, you can bring more patients in.

Our mentorship cost is $3,500

The fee includes:

  • 6 sessions
  • 2 surgeries per dentist
  • Your first surgical guide and patient records (CT Scan and Impressions) is no charge
  • We provide you implants at a discounted price.
  • A light breakfast and lunch
  • An end of the year dinner to celebrate our accomplishments

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