Certified Specialists
Our specialists help reduce surgical and prosthetic failures and ensure your patient’s safety through precise planning. Our specialists have placed thousands of implants themselves and are experts at hard and soft tissue augmentation around implants. We are familiar with the latest research and evidence in implantology. Our surgical guides help you control the implant position allowing you to achieve the perfect emergence profile for the final prothesis. By planning the exact position of the dental implant, we reduce destructive forces on the implant that cause crown loosening, bone loss, and food entrapment, ultimately reducing your liability.

Saves Time
Our goal is to help you grow your implant practice by saving you time. We save you time during the implant planning process, we save you time during the surgery, and we save you time by preventing re-dos and failures. Our surveys of our most successful clinicians show that we save you 24 minutes per implant during surgery. More time saved for you means more chair-time spent with your patients and growing your practice.

Positive Outcomes
Our surgical guides will allow you to place implants with precision. We are world leaders in determining the perfect implant depth, managing soft tissues around implants, and designing proper abutment emergence profile. This means that you will deliver a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing restoration that the patient will enjoy for years. The best advocates for your implant practice are happy patients.

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This is how it works:

Step 1: Collect Records

After you complete the request form, we will be in touch to let you know which records we will require from you, to start the planning process.

Step 2: Submit Records

Depending on the services you require, you will be able to submit PVS records, CT scans, and other documents securely online.

Step 3: Approve Planning

The Implant Genius team will use its equipment and expertise to draft surgical guides and any other support materials. Once approved, the payment is due.

Step 4: Receive the surgical guide and supporting materials

Your dentist receives the complete surgical guides and support material via FedEX or UPS