Our role in planning completely missing teeth implants, for the fully edentulous patient, begins by determining what is the ideal prosthesis of choice for the patient based on measurement of the occlusal vertical dimension and prosthetic space. We also perform smile analysis in order to determine what the final prosthesis will look like before recommending the number and position of dental implants.

All information is exchanged between the dentist and Implant Genius through a simple, user-friendly web tool.

Cost of implant planning services:

  • 1-3 implants per arch: $500.0
  • 4 or more implants per arch: $70 *Additional Per Implant

Case Studies

Improperly Placed Implants Fully edentulous patient Lack of Prosthetic Space

Figure 1: Four Implants were placed by a dentist without a surgical guide or measurement of the prosthetic space.
At the time of restoration it was discovered that a prosthesis on top of the implants was not possible.