What is dental implant planning, and why is it needed?

At Implant Genius we empower dentists to place perfect implants, improving the world one smile at a time. Even though dental implants are an excellent long-term solution to missing teeth, the risk of failure could result in many unexpected, unwanted implications.

Dental implant failures are an unwanted scenario for both dentist and patient – which is a shame, because these failures could have easily been avoided with proper implant planning.

Why Do Dentists Need Surgical Guides?

All-on-four disasters are more common than one may think (warning! Link contains graphic images). A poorly-placed dental implant will take at least six months for healing before one can begin the implant process all over again.

In some cases, it takes over 2 years to fix an avoidable clinician mistake.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to perform the dental implant surgery once – with perfect results?

At Implant Genius, we create surgical guides and prosthetically-driven implant planning services to guide the dentist to place perfect implants. Not only is this beneficial for the patient, but this also helps dentists save time and resources on implant planning, improving the capacity of their clinic and improving their revenue.

Implant Genius is a win-win for both dentist and patient.

If you are a dentist, you should consider Implant Genius to streamline your dental implant practice.

If you are a dental implant recipient, you should tell your dentist about Implant Genius, to ensure that you get the best implants with the lowest amount of risk.

Why Implant Genius?

At Implant Genius, our surgical guides and implant planning services are customized by board-certified prosthodontists. We are experts in our field – wouldn’t it make sense to have a prosthodontist oversee prosthetically-driven implant planning services?

Our surgical guides are customized for each patient and case, helping a dentist provide dental implant surgeries with absolute precision and control. We use the best technology available in the industry, with in-house CT scanners at our dental lab in Vancouver.

We are your one-stop shop for dental implant planning services. Contact us today for more details!