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Equipped with the best technology and a friendly new website, we are here to use our decades of experience to help plan perfect dental implants. We are Implant Genius.

Dental Implants of any kind, single tooth or a complete new denture, need meticulous planning which should be customized to suit the patient perfectly. Even the best dental implants can fail due to improper planning and lack of surgical guides. Here’s where we play a very important role. We use the world’s most updated technology and the knowledge of experienced prosthodontists to put together plans and surgical guides that help dentists perform dental implant surgeries with great precision. Our expertise results in implants that save the dentist time and money, while helping patients reduce the risk of having a poorly done implant.

We have been working closely with dentists, dental surgeons and periodontists for many years. Our imaging centre and digital laboratory in Vancouver is fully equipped to provide solutions and plans for the most complex implants. With the launch of our new website, we look forward to planning even more successful implants for dentists across Canada.

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What’s in here for dentists?

Our team of board certified specialists are here to save dentists precious time and lower costs by doing all of the planning an implant surgery needs. This includes collecting any vital information, conducting all analysis and research before putting together a plan that can make perfect screw-retained restoration possible.

Besides drafting surgical guides for various stages of general and complex surgeries, conducting CT Scans using 3D technology and providing dental laboratory services, Implant Genius provides implant planning for single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth and completely missing teeth.

We are able to conduct these tasks efficiently in-house using the best technology available that not only helps dentists save time and lower costs, but also reduces the chances of failed dental implant surgeries.

Learn more about our services or become an Implant Genius by working with us. All you need to do is fill out a quick form and our website will guide you all along.

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What’s in here for patients?

When you decide to get implants you put more at stake than your time and your money — you put your smile and your health at stake. Implant Genius helps you make it all worthwhile and risk-free.

How do we do this? The Implant Genius team works directly with your dentist, to help avoid any costly mistakes. We provide expert implant planning consultation for your dentist, ensuring that your dental implant restoration looks great, functions properly and lasts a long time.

You can send a quick email to your dentist, share this information with him and ask him to use our microscopic planning to give you better implants.

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What else can you find here?

Successful cases
We have case studies that come from our own experience in dental surgery and implant procedures. These case studies explain how we have been using our technology and expertise to plan successful implants for patients in Canada. You can find them neatly organized for each service we offer. For starters, let’s read one about Single Tooth Implant Planning.

Information about who we are
Dr. Aminzadeh, the founder of Implant Genius, has received his Masters of Science in Prosthodontics, from the leading dental school at the University of Michigan. He is an international speaker and a key opinion leader in the field of digital dentistry, implantology, and microscope enhanced dentistry.

You can read more about us here.

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